Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin, „The Nanny Diaries”

„Nanny?” She cuts me off. „Is anyone on fire?”

„Sorry?” I say, taken aback.

„They’re just gift bags. For a bunch of old geezers,” she laughs, „I’m sure they’re perfect – relax.”

„Thanks, it just seemed like it was pretty important.”

N. Kraus & E. McLaughlin, „The Nanny Diaries”

Have you ever imagine how the life of the nanny looks like? I really regretted I hadn’t red this book before I stared my adventure with being a nanny.

The story is sweet’n’sour and usually just like pb&j (peanut butter and jelly; it’s literally everywhere). When you are looking from the outside, it may seem weird, however, for some kind of people it works just perfectly. The main character, Nan, starts his work at X’s house. She has to keep an eye on charming four-year-old Grayer – but she realises that’s not the whole story. It’s not only about her duties: the child deserves his parent’s attention, is it clear? For Grayer’s parents – not at all…

„Funny, touching and true-to-life, The Nanny Diaries is a modern-day Mary Poppins story – with attitude” it is said. And – yup, it is. So feel free to plonge yourself in this novel, just to smile and sometimes to cry. Because, yes, the world is unfair and cloudy sometimes. And it’s okay to be sad from time to time.

What’s more, the book is really nice and full of funny plot twists (kind of whoops-it-really-happened). There’s a mashup of little daily stories, everything covered with a great language, anegdotes and jokes. The irony and sarcasm kingdom has come!

I’m really grateful to E. for leaving this book on our shelf while she’s abroad 😉


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